When reading becoming a part of our life, our mood naturally will clear, bright and kind;when pursuing knowledge turning into a habit, the civilization will accordingly come into a morepleasant state.Good reading habit can lay a sound foundation for one’s lifelong study; it is therealm of the true, the good and the beautiful to foster all-round humanistic arts and popularscience quality. Lighting the knowledge lamp, passing the ideal of publishing excellent bookson, is one and only way to carry out our faith.

Literature, aesthetics and science are borderless, and every generation can tell its storythrough literary images and scientific development. I expect all these carefully chosen booksof different countries-----owned the most medals, the maximum readers, the most collectedfamilies, the longest enduring values, the distinguish study effect, the definite aim----can leadChinese children to create their own story through these picture books, popular scientificbooks and literary novels.

I believe, a person will never lonely when he has some remarkable books to read, has the world affairs to consider, has the world wisdom to learn. We believe, these will be the merriest thing for Chinese children to do.

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